Countryside Shorthorn

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Paintearth Best Bet 4B
                Muridale Briggs 86W  X [CAN]M474618
SIRE: Lehne Briggs  62Z X[CAN]M476934
                 Paintearth Maid 62S X[CAN]F682189

                 Saskvalley Roughneck 154R X[CA]M471791
DAM: Gar-lind Rosey 25W X[CAN]F687464
                  Gar-lind Rosey 25J X[CAN]F673778
Born February 21 2014
Birth Weight  89 lbs
Tattoo HAS 4B      Reg No- X[CAN]M477676
WW- 673 lbs      Yearling Weight- 1150 lbs    

EPD CE 7.0  BW  1.9  WW 59 YW 71  MILK  17 MW 46  MCE 2.6 CWT 14 REA 0.05 FAT -0.03 MARB 0.16

Best Bet is a bull I bought as a yearling in the spring of 2015 from Paintearth. He is a great overall performance bull with lots of depth and length. I can not wait to see how this bull fills out and make a great addition to the herd.

Countryside Cujo 92C

Sire-JSF MY TIME 53Z X-[CAN]*20385- 


Born - February 28 2015

Birth weight - 85 lbs 

Tattoo - GSS 92C    Reg No- X-[CAN]*22094-

Yearling Weight 1200 lbs

Scrotal Size - 35.5 cm yearling 

Used this bull a bit in 2016 breeding season, 2017 going to use on yearling Heifers 

Paintearth Pete 28C

                 Muridale Briggs 86W  X [CAN]M474618
SIRE: Lehne Briggs  62Z X[CAN]M476934
                 Paintearth Maid 62S X[CAN]F682189


                 LEHNE ROYAL MARK 166P X-[CAN]M471495- 


                 PAINTEARTH ROBERTA 33G X-F669488-  

Born March 15 2015

Birth Weight: 90 lbs

Tattoo: HAS 28C    Reg No:  X-[CAN]M478418-

Weaning Weight: 610 lb   Yearling Weight: 1132 lbs

We purchased this bull from the cowman's Shorthorn bull sale in innifail in 2016. He can't wait to see what next year brings with this new bull. 

Countryside  Dayshaun 157D

Dam:  Prospect Hill Xtreme Beauty 37X

Sire:  Acc Zeeman 39z

Born:  March 20 2016

Birth Weight:  76 lbs

Tattoo - GSS 157D    Reg No- M479647-

Yearling Weight 1140 lbs

Scrotal - 34.5 cm

We are keeping this bull to breed some of our yearling  commerical heifers.. 

 Countryside Enrinco 177E

Born March 3 2017

Bw 80 lbs

Dam Paintearth Diane 59B

Sire Saskvalley Ultimate 130K

We decided to keep this bulls as only one bull that was an result of AI that year and loved the sire.

Sold or Deased Herd Bulls

Countryside Exodus 174E
Born Feb 27
BW 78 lbs
Dam Countryside Andrea 54a
Sire- Paintearth Pete 28C

We have decided to retain this bull for our use as come from one of our outstanding Dam that has produced some very good calves over the years.

But sadly we lost him this summer during breeding but looking forward to see the few calve of his in 2019...

TGN Colonel 7C

             GLENFORD EAGLE 4Y X-[CAN]M475819- 

Sire: SIX S ADMIRAL 36A X-[CAN]M477088- 

              SIX S ROMAINE 46R X-[CAN]F681668-

              SIX S WYOMING 41W X-[CAN]M474284- 

Dam: SIX S ZOTA 20Z X-[CAN]F689753- 

               SIX S WRENE 24W X-[CAN]F686499- 

Born: April 17 2015

Birth Weight: 102 Lbs

Tattoo: TGN 7C            Reg No: X-[CAN]M478492-

Yearling Weight: 1020 lbs

We purchased this bull from the Cowman's Shorthorn bull sale in innifail in 2016. He can't wait to see what next year brings with this new bull.  

ACC Zeeman 39Z 
            Northern Legend 3N X-[CAN]M470509
SIRE: ACC General 4U X-[CAN]M473648
             Diamond Baroness 31L-[CAN]F676292
               Matlock Leroy 49L- X[CAN]M46890 
DAM: Gar-lind Daffodil 48P X-[CAN]F681679
               Kenbar Daffodil 10F- X[CAN]F670107
Born March 17 2012
Birth Weight 94 lbs
Tattoo - ACC 39Z      Reg  No - X[CAN]M476742
He is DS & TH Free 
EPD CE 2.6 BW  2.7 WW 16 YW 22  MILK  1  MW 42 
MCE 3.6 CWT 15  REA -0.07 FAT -0.04 MARB -0.22

Zeeman was a bull we purchased as yearling, he has produced us a great set of calves including Countryside Becca 74B who won her class in Intermediate Commercial Heifers and  placing second in the intermediate yearling heifer championship class in calgary.

ACC Rough & Tough 50Y   (AKA BUDDY)
           BYLAND GOLD SPEAR X [CAN]M68851
           RED ROSE GUS ROAN LADY 6J X[CAN]F672783

                WOLF WILLOW ROCKY 6R X[CAN]M471374
                GAR-LIND DAFFODIL 48P X[CAN]F681679

Born March 27 2011

Birth Weight 85 lbs

Tattoo - ACC 50Y   Reg No - X[CAN]M475715

EPD CE 5.3 BW 2.8  WW 20  YW 3W  MILK 3 MCE 2.9 CWT 16 REA 0.03 FAT-0.02 MARB 0.09


Buddie was a bull we purchased as yearling at Sun Country Bull sale, he has produced us a great set of calves including many that have went on and started new herd for many producers. He is a gentle giant and is a easy going easy to handle boy. 2017 was Buddy's last year on the farm sadly due to have multiply female in the herd from him, he is dearly missed by all for  his deep elk bawl he love to do when he heard you coming.

Countryside Denzel 129D
Sire: Countryside Bensmillar 69B
Dam: River Ridge Jill 13Y
Born: Febuary 27 2016
Birth Weight: 90 lbs
Tattoo GSS 129D     Reg No... M479644
Yearling weight -1230 lbs
Scrotal size - 37 cm 
We kept this bull due to his sire getting hurt in the fall 2015 and having no bloodline for this sire. Summer 2017 he ended up getting a major injury that caused him not to be able to breed.

Countryside Bensmillar 69B

             Eionmor Cheiftan 63R X [CAN] M471704

Dam: Eionmor Rosemary 17z  X[CAN] F690489

          Eionmor Rosemary 33P X[CAN] F680855


        Eionmor Cheiftan 63R X [CAN] M471704

Sire:Eionmor Chieftan 70z X[CAN]476720

         Eionmor Hazel  79N X[CAN]F679496

Born March 18 2014

Bw 90 lbs

Tattoo: GSS 69B      Reg No- X[CAN] M478083

WW:550lbs    Yearling weighed 1100 lbs

Bensmillar is a bull that we raised ourselves from a heifer we bought breed from Eionmor’s Dispersal. This young bull has shown us great overall performance and temperament. But sadly 2016 calf crop will be the only offspring of this bull due to injury. 

      Prospect Hill Deja Vu Torpedo 
           Paintearth Mr Majestic 17U  M457569

Sire: Paintearth Buckeye 43P [CAN]470796
           Gar-Lind Max’s Sindy 43K X[CAN] F674979

            LRR Visa 65D  X- M464940
Dam: Prospect Hill Vanessa 21G X- F669694
           Prospect Hill Topaz 42B X-F659427

Born April 8 2007 BW 94 lbs

Tattoo - PHF 21T    Reg No - X[CAN]M473117

EPD  CE 6.7 BW 0.8  WW 48  YW 52  Milk 19 MW 43 MCE 5.9

We never got any offspring from this bull but he had produced many offspring in the Peterson herd.

Countryside Aidan 50A
Sire:   Prospect Hill Wade 42W X[CAN]474217
Dam : Prospect Hill Yihana 24y
X[CAN] F688740
Birth weight 82 lbs
Birth Date March 9 2013
Tattoo : GSS 50A  Registration No. X[CAN]- M477426
EPD CE 7.4  BW  1.1  WW 48 YW 52  MILK  21 MW 44 MCE 1.9 CWT 1 REA 0.05 FAT -0.03 MARB 0.14
Bought his dam - Prospect Hill Yihana 24y already breed at the Hill Country Classic in 2012.  We used him on a few heifers in 2014. But do to having to many bulls we sold him in the spring of 2015 so now he will be walking the fields at Spruce Grove Area..